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Universal Spun Catalytic Converters

The Exhaust Warehouse Universal Spun Catalytic Converter

The Exhaust Warehouse is one of the largest wholesale distributors of universal catalytic converters. Our knowledge and expertise has allowed us to build a comprehensive aftermarket catalytic converters catalog. One of our keys to success has been utilizing many OE components and processes in our aftermarket database for domestic as well as import applications.

Along with the massive loading of precious metals to overcompensate for the high demands of high mileage vehicles, allows us to provide a superior catalytic converter versus the normal aftermarket product. This is why our converters have the reputation of solving the problem the first time.

Brands we offer with Spun Catalytic Converters:

Magnaflow Logo Spun Catalytic Converter

MagnaFlow universal spun catalytic converters utilize the revolutionary new catalyst technology. Using new manufacturing technology, they fabricate each converter body from a single CNC-formed and laser-welded tubular section, which is then spun into a round converter body shape. The MagnaFlow universal spun catalytic converters are literally manufactured around the catalyst, which is securely tucked inside and necks down to thicker-gauge material at the inlet/oulet for maximum durability. They are available in different-diameter inlets and outlets to match your specific exhaust system. Whether you need centered, offset, or angled converters, MagnaFlow universal spun catalytic converters will fit any application.

Catco Logo

Catco universal-fit catalytic converters offer great features, including 409 stainless steel shells, 16-gauge stainless steel pipes and nipples, and a heat-resistant sealed mat—all of which help the converters last longer. These converters are designed so that you can add one to any vehicle that wasn't originally equipped with one. Many models have steel air tubes with numerous perforations to help distribute the airflow evenly without robbing power, and most have slip-fit connections for an easy installation. Choose the inlet/outlet diameters needed for your application.

Bosal logo

Precious Metal Loading - Bosal uses on average 60% more precious metals than aftermarket competitors

Spun Technology - Old style clamshell converters present opportunity for small leaks to negatively affect fuel trim. OE technology requires a spun design with no opportunity for leaks.

Washcoat Technology - Bosal uses OE washcoat technology, which results in thicker, more even coatings. This allows precious metals to be dispersed more evenly across the catalyst

OE Specified Matting - Bosal uses OE matting measured for the specific converter shell, which provides superior stability and prevents emissions from seeping around the catalyst and not being "converted"

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