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Davico Inc Catalytic Converter Limited Warranty

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Davico Inc. warrants that their Exact Fit™ and Ultra Load Catalytic Converters are designed and manufactured to meet EPA emissions requirements for new aftermarket Catalytic Converters and will meet these requirements for 25,000 miles. External shell, pipes, flanges, flex couplings, welds and brackets are warranted for 5 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first.
Catalytic Converters are not warranted against physical damage caused by road hazards or damage caused by a malfunctioning engine management systems or vehicles not properly maintained or repaired.
Examples of Converters damaged by outside forces:
Fractured Substrate: Caused by outside forces including road damage or ballooning of the converter shell due to over heating or thermal shock damaging the substrate. 
Melted Substrate: Caused by extreme temperatures that the converter was not designed to operate in. Excess fuel is the main culprit here most likely related to faulty oxygen or temperature sensors or other fuel delivery and fuel trim related issues. 
Heavy Carbon or Soot: Heavy carbon is an indication of a poorly maintained engine in need of an engine de-carbonation service. Heavy soot is an indication of excessive oil use or other contamination inhibiting the converters ability to do its job.
Over Heating: Is indicated by the bluing or purplish coloring of the converter. This is an indication of fuel trim issues over time causing the converter to deteriorate. Sluggish or mal-functioning up stream O2’s are normally the culprit here.
 Warranty Procedure
If the Converter does not fall into any of the category’s shown above and has less 25,000 miles, it may be covered by the warranty.
1.       Obtain a copy of the repair order for the initial repair showing the reason for the repair, the date and mileage of the repair and what else was repaired that caused the original Catalytic Converter to fail.
2.       Obtain a copy of the repair order showing the warranty replacement and the date and mileage of the replacement as well as any other work done to the vehicle to ensure a properly functioning engine management system.
3.       Mail the completed warranty card signed by the installer. 

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  • I bought a catalytic converter 3/21/2022 @117000 miles on 12/15/2022 was glowing red. Car runs great. Need the converter refunded.

    Luke A. Lucas

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